Video Bells


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Video Bells is a project I’ve been working on since January of 2016. It will be a 15 song CD that I plan on releasing by the Fall of 2016. But for now I’m releasing a 5 song Summer EP!


Video Bells blends elements of jazz and classical into modern day electronic music. I’ve been a jazz pianist for over 9 years and since then have developed another skill in production/recording arts that I have flourished mostly with video game soundtracks and royalty free (stock) music.


I wanted to fuse jazz voicings, instrumentation, and technique with the technology we have available at our fingertips. I also wanted to add a vintage feel of older video game styles that you would hear in popular games such as Mario, Zelda, the Final Fantasy Series, Spyro the Dragon, and games similar to a synth like  sound.


When starting this endeavor I also wanted to record some compositions that had my old touch of simplicity and beauty, I used to just sit down at the piano and improv a piece of a classical and jazz mixture and I still hold true to that notion.


Video Bells is something I’m very proud of because 100% of it is original, unique, and encompasses everything I wanted it to. Plus I recorded, mastered, and did it all myself. Whether it be classical composition with fuxian style counterpoint, all the way to modern day 2016 chord progression and synth leads and melodies with jazz chords in the background.


You will be jamming out to songs you might hear at a club when a jazz solo can hit, or the song can take a turn with some retro 8-bit sounds or a beautiful Steinway piano can come in and sweep you away into another world.


I’ve put up the work in progress album art created by my best friend and talented artist Nick Nodiff, as well as the 5 tracks as an EP of sorts for you to hear some of the variety on the CD.

I also included the title track “Video Bells”

If you want to support me and the creation of the entire Video Bells 15 song CD release in the fall, you can purchase the 5 song EP on BandCamp for only $3 (which also has an extra bonus/hidden track only on BandCamp) the quality of the songs is much higher and you will be able to download them as well!

Paul Fredericks